Talk: Wildcard Conference 2013 – Sherlock Holmes and Pairing

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Even Sherlock Holmes was pairing. Are you? Let’s find some good practices in the talk below about Sherlock Holmes and Pairing!

During my work I am used to pair with my colleagues on basically anything. I do pair-programming when I develop software, we use pairing when we deliver trainings or when we write articles. I often do remote pair-programming with strangers. The most things I learned during the last years were by working in pair with someone I barely knew.
Pairing for me has the following main advantages:
– I learn a lot from my pair
– I extend my comfort zone and I collaborate better with anyone
– the product we work together is a lot better because four eyes are better than two

Please find examples from the activities of the well-known fictional character Sherlock Holmes on how his pair Dr. Watson helps him become better and finding the answer to their riddles.


And here are the slides for the talk Sherlock Holmes and Pairing


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