#RemotePairProgramming Ep 011: Adi & Wassel – Good Friends with TDD as if you Meant It (part 1)

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This is a remote pair programming codecast with Wassel Alazhar on an interesting problem called Good Friends.


We pick a problem not at all known by me and we figure it out with #TDD on first view. Interesting to see how you need to analyze before rushing to write tests

Problem: We have four friends who are tourists. Each of them pay some of the meals, accommodation and travel expenses. We need to figure out how to make the minimum amount of transactions so that everyone gets the right amount of money to the others.

We get into the analysis of the requirements and split it into behaviors and then think how we can use TDD to implement those behaviors.


Check the video and please come with your ideas and comments


Many thanks to Wassel for taking the time to record this codecast with me.

What’s Next?

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