Digital Anthropos

Digital Anthropos is about how we humans (anthropos in Greek) change the world around us with the help of machines.

Digital Anthropos

The contemporary anthropology of the Digital Age

After a few years working on my #Codecast, I decided to continue with a podcast on YouTube.

Digital Anthropos is a pragmatic approach to the modern digital world, including software development, history, modern tools and practices, modern management, work environment, change management, digital transformation and everything else that we have created in this digital age.

When we talk about software development we don’t take into account the dogmas, religions, and other fixations. We look how old ideas transformed into today’s software world, and how new ideas will shape the environment.

Talking about management, we care about the people and how they can have a better work environment in a world constantly changing. We talk a lot about human centered approaches in everyday life.

A very big interest is in how humanities are shaping the digital age and our environment. How much we take them into account when talking about digitization, or more how much we ignore them.

Sociology and psychology are and have always been interesting to me. So expect to hear about how our society changes because of the digitization of the world. Although digitization is helping us, our mind changes with an incredible pace. Thus our mind and the minds of future generation become very different than what it used to be before the computer and phone age.


Episodes are weekly, with a variable duration from 30 minutes to a bit over an hour. You can find them on the YouTube channel Digital Anthropos.

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