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How to: Remote Pair Programming

Before getting into remote pair programming, let’s see what pair programming is.

Pair programming

Pair programming is when two programmers write code on the same requirements / problem. There are two roles: driver and navigator. The driver has the keyboard and writes the code. The driver focuses on short term implementation. The navigator looks at long term strategic decisions and double checks the driver’s implementation details.

In many cases pair programming is a lot more efficient, the code being clearer, nicer and with fewer defects. Nevertheless pair programming can be tiring, especially when doing it for the first time.

As a rule of thumb, you don’t need to pair the whole day, because it’s tiring, difficult and sometimes inefficient. Choose more complex, difficult or areas less known when doing pair programming.

Remote pair programming

Not everyone is at the office all the time. Sometimes we work from home, or we are in another office. So it’s a good idea to use this useful tool of pair programming also when you are not next to the other programmer. We call that remote pair programming.

Remote Pair Programming
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