AgileWorks Remote Open Space – First experience

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AgileWorks Remote Open Space

The idea of having a Remote Open space is simple: take 30 minutes to discuss subjects of interest to you with a group of experienced people in that area of interest. You can find the description of the idea here.

I want to try doing a couple of Remote Open Space sessions to see if we will have enough attendees to start something that is interesting, useful, and easy to organize. You just need ideas, a computer with at least a microphone and 30 minutes of your time. I saw that the Romanian AgileWorks communities are not that well connected with each other. In all the communities interesting things are happening, but they do not share their experiences with each other. So the main purpose of the AgileWorks Remote Open Space is to connect online the AgileWorks communities in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Sibiu, and Tirgu Mures.

The first experience was good even though only one person attended. We chatted about Agile, the Agile Manifesto, Scrum, being a tester in an Agile environment and how could this could change your work place. We had some difficulties in the beginning mainly because I do not know how to use Google Plus that well. But all in all it was a good interesting discussion. I hope that on Tuesday 20 November there will be more people attending.

I know that people might say that it can be awkward to spend 30 minutes on a video chat with people you do not know. But this happens also at conferences, or at meet-ups: you meet new people and you talk with them about things of interest to all the group. So I hope this clarification might help more people attend the next session on 20 November and they will register here.


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