TDD as if you Meant It: Create Duplication in order to remove it (Episode 8)

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TDD as if you Meant It: Create Duplication in order to remove it (Episode 8)


After a couple of episodes when I showed how we can get out of TDD as if you Meant It to Traditional TDD. By Traditional TDD, I mean the TDD when you are allowed to create classes and methods before the test.

During this episode you will see how I focus on other primitives from the tests, and I add new tests in order to create duplication between the existing tests and the new tests. Then I remove the duplication by following the Rule of Three.


Duplication can be of many types, but that is a different topic that I will follow later. During this episode I am focusing on structural duplication, meaning on the string primitives that still exist in the tests.



Check the video below with the codecast:

What’s Next?

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On the same page you can find more ideas on Evolutionary Design.


Many thanks to Keith Braithwaite for creating the concept of TDD as if you Meant It

Teddy bear thanks to Erik Talboom for all the pairing, discussions that lead to so many twists we discovered together with TDD as if you Meant It.

Special regards to JB Rainsberger for the fun pairing we did using TDD as if you Meant It



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