#RemotePairProgramming Ep 007: Adi & Tom – Tackling Legacy Code

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During episode 7 of #RemotePairProgramming series Tom Oram is pairing with me on some legacy code.  We apply legacy code techniques to improve testability and clarify the code. After that the next episode will be about improving the legacy code, but with a safety net.


In order to start working with legacy code we need to have a safety net made up of tests, but without changing the code. We create can add tests with several techniques like Golden Master or From Nothing to System Tests. You can read more about these techniques on my blog. Also you can see some code casts in Java.

A very important aspect when working with existing code is to respect The Basic Rules of Refactoring.

So check the video and happy learning:



Many thanks to Tom for taking the time to record this codecast with me.

What’s Next?

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