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Coding Games – video at xALEc

Coding games

This is a video from xALEc where I am part of a conversation about how one could teach programmers to be better by using games and pair-programming.

Architectural Kata – Budapest

Architectural Kata Budapest

Following the invitation of Zsolt Bodo I facilitated an Architectural Kata in the Budapest Agile community. The purpose of the session was to let the attendees speak about architecture and I was merely a facilitator. My other role was the customer, clarifying the requirements whenever the audience requested.

The concept remains the same as for the first Architectural Kata I facilitated: you cannot be a good architect if you do not have the experience. An architect creates 10-15 architectures during the whole career, so we need to practice to become better architects. This session is exactly a repetitive exercise of creating architectures for given, unclear, requirements.

Architectural Kata Budapest

Architectural Kata Budapest

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